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inspiring  films,  arrange  collective  art  work  and  cultural  programme,  conduct  group discussions, and
               organize lectures by eminent people. Subsequently, the group discussions can also be arranged once a

               6.  Summary

               The goal of higher education is to nurture human beings responsible for their betterment and  capable
               of sustaining society and nature, besides enabling them to procure a position to earn  their  livelihood.
               The  incoming  undergraduate  students  are  often  influenced  by  their parents and society to join higher
               study without understanding their own interests and talents. There  is  high  probability that  students  fail
               to develop an understanding about the goals of Educational Institutes as well as higher education. The
               graduating student must have knowledge and meta-skills related to his/her work, and as a citizen.

               Deeksharambh should be designed for the new students to help them feel comfortable, draw  their
               attention  towards  exploring  their  academic  interests  and  activities, reducing  competition and making
                them   work   for   excellence,   promote   bonding  within   them,  build   relations   between  teachers  and
               students, open  new  horizons  of  life  and  leading  to character building.

               Mentoring based on Universal Human Values such as Truth, Righteous conduct, Love, Non-violence
               and Peace can act as an anchor or pivot of the induction, and help in developing self awareness and
               sensitivity, feeling of equality, compassion and oneness. Students’ attention need to be drawn to society
               and nature. Help them reflect on their relationship with their families, which is extended to college as a
               family and connects students among themselves and with teachers, so that they can share any difficulty
               they might be facing and seek help.

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