Page 19 - Deeksharambh - A Guide to Student Induction 17-7-2019 eng
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6.    The mentor groups will continue for the whole duration of a programme of study, assist students
                     through interaction on contemporary concerns and develop their competencies/talents to be successful
                     in their future ventures.

               7.    Use of technology in learning should form integral part of higher education.

               9.    All teachers should be encouraged to attend induction / orientation programme

               10.  In case of large institutions/ geographically scattered campuses, the institutional level induction may
                     be done in batches / or through video conferencing.

               A.1.8 Recommended Actions during the student Induction Programme

               •     Set objectives for Induction Programme

               •     Make induction a team effort

               •     Prepare a well-structured Induction Programme
               •     Provide a timetable of events

               •     Have  induction  co-ordinators  acting  across  programmes  opportunities  for  active engagement

               •     Make  induction  student-centred,  and  respond  to  diversity;  incorporate  icebreaking activities

               •     Reduction of Lectures

               •     Provide opportunities for group events

               •     Include Creative & Performing Arts and Literary Activities Alumni / Industry expert interaction

               •     Use senior student buddies
               •     Give  attention  to  stimulating  early  social  integration  of  students  amongst  themselves  and  with

               •     Ensure that unit and course information is up-to-date and provided to students; provide an early
                     introduction to the issues of plagiarism

               •     Information on safety and security; Health and Hygiene facilities

               •     IT and virtual learning (SWAYAM)

               •     Environmental Consciousness, Human Values, Movie shows, Clubs

               •     Information about sports and cultural opportunities; various funding schemes

               •     NSS/NCC
               •     Evaluate induction regularly – collect feedback

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