Page 16 - Deeksharambh - A Guide to Student Induction 17-7-2019 eng
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Preparing for Student Induction Programme - Check List

                 A.1.1 Induction Policy

                 1.    Every institution shall have induction policy in line with quality mandate of the UGC and UGC
                       guidelines for induction of students

                 2.    Induction shall be mandatory for all the fresh students admitted to any/UG Programme offered by
                       the institution

                 3.    Induction policy must detail out the guidelines, objectives and procedure of conducting induction

                 4.    Lectures/talks should be no more than 20%, with activities taking most of the time

                 5.    Activities  to  be  conducted  by  grouping  students  into  small  groups  (including  group

                 A.1.2 Partners in Induction Programme

                 1.    Newly admitted students

                 2.    Heads of the institutions
                 3.    Important functionaries/ Administrative staff

                 4.    Faculty mentors
                 5.    Selected alumni

                 6.    Students council/association

                 7.    Selected senior students

                 8.    Civil society

                 9.    Invited distinguished people

                 A.1.3 Broader Areas

                 1.    Meaning, purpose and relevance of higher education in realising the purpose of life.

                 2.    National Development concerns, development perspectives and priorities.

                 3.    Connect with community, world of work and global society.

                 4.    Self-empowerment, motivation, team work and leadership development.

                 5.    Elective  living  in  constructive  and  creative  way  with  competence  and  confidence;  life  skills

                       including  elective  communication,  decision  making,  problem  solving,  creative thinking, critical/
                       scientific thinking, interpersonal skills, self awareness, empathy, equanimity, coping with stress and

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