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Daily Additional Schedule for Hostellers
              Daily Additional Schedule for Hostellers
               Session              Time                         Activity                       Remarks
                           06:00 am
                                                    Wake up call
               Morning     06:00 am                 Wake up call
                           06:30 am - 07:10 am
                                                    Physical activity
                           06:30 am - 07:10 am      Physical activity                  (Mild exercise
                                                                                        (Mild exercise
                                                                                        and yoga)
                                                                                       and yoga)
                           07:15 am - 08:55 am
                                                    Bath, Breakfast, etc.
                           07:15 am - 08:55 am      Bath, Breakfast, etc.
                           05:00 pm - 05:25 pm
                                                    Snacks break
               Evening     05:00 pm - 05:25 pm      Snacks break
                           05:30 pm - 08:25 pm
                                                    Rest and Dinner
                           05:30 pm - 08:25 pm      Rest and Dinner
                           08:30 pm - 09:25 pm
                           08:30 pm - 09:25 pm      Informal Interactions (not daily)  (in hostels)
                                                    Informal Interactions (not daily)
                                                                                        (in hostels)
               5.3  Follow Up after Induction
               The purpose of Deeksharambh is to help students in getting familiarized with the institution as well as its
               ethos. Undoubtedly time is an important factor for such processes and that is why, it is suggested that
               the  groups  which  are  formed  during  Induction  Programme  function  as  mentor-mentee  network.
               These groups can work on fulfilling requirements of newly admitted students with regards to linguistics /
               communication skills. Bridge / preparatory courses may be offered for weak students in different subjects
               also. A student should feel free to approach his faculty mentor or the student guide when facing any kind
               of problem, whether academic or financial or psychological etc. For every 10 undergraduate first year
               students, there would be a senior student as a student guide, and for a group of 20 students, there would be
               a faculty mentor. Such a group should remain for the entire duration of stay of the student in the college.
               The groups of the students as well as teachers would be from the same school/department. (On the other
               hand, it is good to mix the students of different departments in the hostel.)

               5.3.1  Follow Up after Induction (Same Semester)

               It is suggested that the mentor groups meet with their faculty mentors for an hour every week, within the
               same semester after the induction is over. This should be a scheduled meeting shown in the timetable. The
               groups are, of course, free to meet together on their own more often, for the student groups to be invited
               to their respective faculty mentor’s home for dinner or tea would be welcome. There could also be other
               activities such as nature walk, etc. which help in building relationships among students and teachers
               beyond classroom. Further, following items may also be included:

               1.    Organize  three  days field  visits  for  social  sensitization  during  the  semester,  for  example  to  a
                     village, hospital, orphanage, etc.

               2.   Organize one visit to monument for the purpose of bonding as well as awareness about history
                    or city.

               5.3.2  Follow Up (Subsequent Semesters)

               It  is  advised  to  maintain  continuity  in  subsequent  semesters.  It  is  suggested  that  at  the  start  of  the
               subsequent  semesters,  three  days  be  set  aside  for  full  days  of  activities  related  to  follow up. Show

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