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1.    Day 1: Student aspirations, family expectations
              2.    Day 2: Gratitude towards people helping me
              3.    Day 3: Human needs of (a) self and (b) body

              4.    Day 4: Peer pressure
              5.    Day 5: Prosperity
              6.    Day 6: Relationships

              Small  groups  of  preferably  20  students  with  a  faculty  mentor  each  can  be  used  for discussions and
              open thinking towards the self. Discussion on Universal Human Values could even continue for rest of
              the semester and not stop with the Induction Programme. A follow up in a later semester could even be
              Besides drawing the attention of the student to the issues of life and their role in larger society, it would
              build relationships between teachers and students which last for their upcoming 3 to 4 years and possibly
              beyond. It is important, therefore, that it be conducted by faculty members of the University/College, the
              ones who would teach them.

              A suggestive primer for mentoring on Universal Human Values is at Appendix 2 for reference.

              4.  Other Activities

              The activities which can be offered during Induction Programme are discussed in this section. Activities or
              short term courses for upgrading communication skills of students can also be included in this programme.
              The learning needs of the students can be identified and accordingly appropriate remedial/SWAYAM
              course/s should be recommended for those students. Soft skills like basic English, mathematics, writing
              and communication skills etc can also be part of this programme.

              All institutions can adapt scheduling and organisation of such activities depending on the type of resources
              available to the College/University. However, it would be preferable if all of these could be accommodated
              in the Programme.
              4.1  Familiarization with School/Department

              Students should be familiarised with their school/department/Programme of study/laboratories/workshops/
              ICT facilities and other facilities. Besides an orientation helping them differentiate between college life
              and school life along with career prospects offered by specific courses should be organised.

              4.2  Creative Arts and Culture

              Students should be exposed to culture and art forms like painting, sculpture, pottery, music, dance
              etc. These  would  allow  for  creative  expression.  It  would  develop  a  sense  of  aesthetics  and  also
              enhance creativity which would, hopefully, flow into their studies later.

              4.3  Literary Activity
              Literary  activity  will  encompass  reading  a  book/article,  writing  its  summary,  and  possibly, debating,
              enacting a play, etc.

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