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4.4  Lectures by Eminent People

              Lectures  by  eminent  people  should  be  organized  to  provide  exposure  to  students.  People who are
              alumni, socially active, in profession, or in public life should be invited.

              4.5  Visits to Local Area

              Organize a visit to a monument or a landmark of the city, like a picnic, for bonding. One or more visits
              could also be organized to a hospital or orphanage. This would expose them to the under-privileged.
              These are to be arranged after the Induction Programme is over, better on a Saturday or as decided by the
              University / College.
              4.6  Extra-Curricular Activities in College

              The new students should be introduced to the extra-curricular activities at the college/ university. They
              should be shown the facilities and informed about activities related to different clubs etc. This is when
              selected senior students involved in or leading these ctivities can give presentations. Various other activities
              which could be included are role playing/street play, alumni/industry interaction etc.

              5.  Schedule

              The  activities  during  the  Induction  Programme  can  have  an  Initial  Phase  and  a  Regular Phase.

              5.1  Initial Phase

                Day            Time                                 Activity

                Day 0          09:30 am - 04:00 pm                  Academic registration & admission formalities

                               09:30 am - 12:25 am                  Institution orientation

                               12:30 pm - 01:25 pm                  Lunch break
                Day 1
                               01:30 pm - 03:55 pm                  Department orientation

                               04:00 pm - 05:00 pm                  Mentor-mentee groups - Introduction within

              5.2  Regular Phase

              Regular  Phase  of  induction  will  start  after  the  first  day.  In  this  phase  regular  Programme should be
              followed every day.

              5.2.1  Daily Schedule

              Some of the activities are on a daily basis, while some others are at specified periods within the Induction
              Programme. The Sessions on Mentoring with Universal Human Values can be organised as per section
              3.2 or Appendix 2. A typical daily timetable, which starts from the 2 day is mentioned below:

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