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1.  Introduction

               Transition from school to university/college life is one of the most challenging events in a student’s life.
               When new students enter an institution, they come with diverse thoughts, backgrounds and preparations.
               They come into a new unfamiliar environment, and most of them have little knowledge of a university/
               college. An important task, therefore, is to welcome new students to Higher Education and prepare them
               for their new role.
               Currently, precious little is done by most institutions, except for an orientation Programme lasting a
               couple of days. Student Induction is designed to help in the whole process. Therefore, it should be
               taken seriously, and as something more than the mere orientation programme.

               2.  Deeksharambh - Student Induction Programme

               The  purpose  of  Deeksharambh - Student  Induction  Programme  is  to  help  new  students  adjust  and
               feel  comfortable  in the new environment,  inculcate in  them the ethos and culture of the institution,
               help them build bonds with  other  students  and  faculty  members,  and  expose  them  to  a  sense  of
               larger  purpose  and  self exploration.

               The term induction is generally used to describe the whole process whereby the incumbents adjust  to
               or  acclimatize  to  their  new  roles  and  environment.  In  other  words,  it  is  a  well planned  event  to
               educate  the  new  entrants  about  the  environment  in  a  particular  institution, and connect them with the
               people in it.
               Student Induction Programme engages with the new students as soon as they come into the institution,
               before  regular classes  start. At the start of  the induction, the  incumbents learn about  the  institutional
               policies,  processes,  practices,  culture  and  values,  and  their  mentor groups are formed.

               Students Induction could cover a number of different aspects (SAGE):

                     Socializing:  meeting  other  new  students,  senior  students,  students  union,  lectures  by Eminent

                     Associating:  visits  to  University  /  college,  visits  to  Dept./Branch/  Programme  of  study  and
                     important places in campus, local area, city and so on;

                     Governing: rules and regulations, student support etc;
                     Experiencing: Subject lectures, study skills, small-group activities, physical activity, creative and
                     performing arts, literary activities, universal human values, etc.

               List of activities to be included:

               1.    Physical Activity
               2.    Mentoring

               3.    Familiarization to Dept./Branch

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