Pay Related Orders

Pay Scales and Increments

  1. Honorarium to Guest/Part-time Teachers - University and Colleges

  2. Advance Increments to Teachers With Ph.D Degree During Service Prior to 1.1.1996

  3. Revised Pay Scale of Readers and Professors Under Merit Promotion Scheme

  4. Revision of Pay Scale and Minimum Qualification of Teachers (Eligibility at Master's Level)

  5. Government of India Notification On Revision of Pay Scale of Teachers in Universities and Colleges and Other Measures for Maintenance of Standards of Higher Education w.e.f January 01, 1986

  6. UGC Letter Re: CAS for Asst. Librarians/College Librarians/Asst. Directors of Phy. Edu./College Directors of Phy. Edu.

  7. UGC Letter Re: Appointment to the post of Asst. Registrar, Asst. Librarian & Asst. Director of Phy. Edu.

Appointments, Promotions, Retirements and Performance Appraisal

  1. Model Guidelines for Re-employment of superannuated Teachers. 

  2. Career Advancement Scheme(CAS) for Assistant Librarian/College Librarians/Assistant Director of Physical Education/College Director of Physical Education  

  3. UGC letter Re: Career Advancement Scheme for Assistant Librarians/College Librarians/Asistant Director of Physical Education/College Director of Physical Education - Age of Superannuation in respect of Deputy Librarians/Deputy Director of Physical Education.

  4. UGC letter Re: MHRD communication on enhancement in the age of superannuation from 62 to 65 years for teaching positions in centrally funded institutions in higher and technical education.

  5. Promotion from Reader to Professor under Career Advancement Scheme

  6. Appointment of Substitute Teachers Under Faculty Development Programme

  7. Appointment of Retired Teachers in Universities/Colleges

  8. The Retirement Age of Assistant Registrar, Deputy Registrar, Assistant Director of Physical Education, Assistant Librarian and Deputy Librarian

  9. Promotion From Reader to Professor

  10. Promotion From Reader to Professor Under Career Advancement Scheme

  11. Merit Promotion Scheme for College Teachers

  12. Promotional Avenues for In Service Demonstrator/Tutors Working in Universities and Colleges

  13. Report of the Task Force On Performance Appraisal of Teachers 1988

Eligibility Conditions

  1. Teachers having Ph.D Degree Available Exemption from NET

  2. General Criteria for giving exemption from NET

  3. Orientation/Refresher Courses to Regular Permanent Part-Time Teachers

  4. Exemption from Refresher/Orientation Courses for Teachers Holding Ph.D Degrees in Universities/Colleges from Promotion Under Career Advancement Scheme

  5. Regulation on Minimum Qualification For Appointment for Career Advancement of Lecturers, Readers and Professors in Universities and Colleges (Relaxation for Ph.D Degree Holders)

  6. Relaxation at Master's Level For Physically and Usually Handicapped Persons for Appointment as Lecturers

  7. Extention of Date for Participation in Refresher Courses for Eligible Teachers

  8. Regulations Under Section 26(i)(e) of the UGC Act defining the Qualification that should ordinarily be required of any person to be appointed to the Teaching Staff of the University

  9. Minimum Qualification Prescribed for the appointment of Physical Education/Personnel in University and Colleges

  10. Minimum Qualification Prescribed For The Appointment of Lecturers, Readers and Professors in Subjects Other Than Fine Arts, Management, Engineering and Technology in Universities and Colleges

  11. Performa for Seeking Relaxation in the Minimum Qualifications Prescribed by the UGC For Appointment to the Post of Lecturer

Leave Rules and Fellowships

  1. Leave Rules