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X Plan Guidelines

University Grants Commission

X Plan Guidelines

Procedure for Utilization of Building Grants Simplified



For University only

  1. General Development Assistance to Central, Deemed & State Universities

  2. Day Care Centers in Universities

  3. Incentives for Resources Mobilisation

  4. "UNASSIGNED GRANT" for Visiting Professors/ Fellow in Universities

  5. Infrastructure For Women Students, Teachers And Non -Teaching Staff In Universities

  6. Special Development Grant For Universities In Backwards Areas

  7. Special Development Grant For Young Universities

  8. Universities With Potential For Excellence

  9. Assistance For Strengthening Of Infrastructure For Humanities & Social Sciences Under ASIHSS Programme

  10. Area Study Centres in Universities

  11. E-Content Development

  12. The Scheme For Promotion Of Yoga Education And Practice And Positive Health In Universities

  13. The Introduction of new UG/PG/ Diploma Courses (in Engg & Tech.) for women in Universities

  14. Organization of Adventure Sports / Acitivities by Universities / Colleges

  15. Guidelines For Establishing New Departments Within The Campus, Setting Up Of Off-Campus Center(S) / Institution(S)/ Off-Shore Campus And Starting Distance Education Programmes by The Deemed Universities

  16. Scheme of Coaching for SC/ST and Minority Community Candidates to Prepare for for National Education Testing (NET)

  17. Establishment of Special Cells for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in Universities and Institutions Deemed to be Universities

  18. EPOCH making Social Thinkers of India : Buddha, Gandhi, Nehru & Ambedkar 

  19. Adult, Continuing Education, Extension and Field Outreach

  20. Development Assistance to Strengthen Existing and New Management Departments in the University

  21. Establishing/Upgradation of Computer Centres in Universities During the Xth Plan (2002-2007)

  22. Considering proposal for declaring an Institution as Deemed to be University under section 3 of the UGC Act.

  23. Guideline for setting up of simple Sanskrit speaking centers in the universities under the purview of UGC

  24. UGC Scheme On Population Education

  25. Guideline for Establishment of Centres in Universities for study of social exclusion and inclusive policy.  


For College only

  1. UGC-Network Resource Center (UGC-NRC) in the Colleges

  2. Development Assistance to Colleges

  3. Scheme of Autonomous Colleges

  4. Development Assistance To Colleges For Construction Of Buildings

  5. Research Workshops/Symposia And Conferences In Colleges

  6. Colleges With Potential For Excellence

  7. Special Development Grants for Colleges in Educationally Backward Areas

  8. Special Development Grants for Young Colleges

For both University/College

  1. Guideline for Construction of Women's Hostel.  

  2. Introduction Of Career Oriented Programmes At First Degree Level In Universities And Colleges.

  3. Scheme for "Instrumentation Maintenance Facility (IMF)" In Universities and Colleges

  4. Guidelines for Human Rights and Values in Education

  5. Schemes for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Students and Students Belonging to Minority Communities.

  6. Guidelines for Development of Women's Studies in Indian Universities and Colleges


For Departments of University/College

  1. Guidelines For Academic Staff Colleges

  2. Development Assistance To Strengthen Existing & New Management Deparments In The University During The Tenth Plan Period (2002-2007)

  3. Special Assistance Programme (SAP)

  4. Guidelines For Innovative Programmes

  5. Assistance for Strengthening of Infrastructure for Science and Technology Under ASIST Programme

  6. Approach for initiation of double/multiple degree programme at undergraduate level (in Engineering disciplines ) in universities/technical institutions


For Individual

  1. Financial Assistance to Visually Handicapped Teachers

  2. Junior Research Fellowship In Engineering & Technology

  3. Junior Research Fellowship In Sciences, Humanities And Social Sciences

  4. Juniour Research Fellowship(JRF) And Research Associateship (RA) For Foreign Nationals

  5. Part-Time Research Associateship For Women

  6. Facilities for Differently-abled Persons

  7. Guidelines For Emeritus Fellowship

  8. Guidelines for Visiting Associateship

  9. Guidelines For Research Awards

  10. Faculty Improvement Programme

  11. Research Funding Council for Major and Minor Research Projects

  12. The Travel Grant Scheme for College Teachers/Vice Chancellors Commission Members

  13. Post Doctoral Fellowship for Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe Candidates

  14. Post Graduate Scholarship For Professional Courses For SC/ST Candidates

  15. Norms and procedures for operation of Rajiv Gandhi Chairs

  16. Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship (RGNF) for Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe Candidates

  17. Research Fellowship in Sciences for Meritorious Students.

  18. Revised Guidelines For Post Graduate Indira Gandhi Scholarship Scheme For Single Girl Child for academic session 2007-08 

  19. Revised Guidelines For Post Graduate Scholarship Scheme for University Rank Holders at Undergraduate Level for academic session 2007-08