Provide Vital Human Resource for Nation’s
                 Development : President                            1         

E     Editorial                                                    3

E    Address of the President of India at 
                the Golden Jubilee Celebration                   4

E    Focussed approach needed to remove   
                Economic Disparities and Gender Gap 
                in Education : Prime Minister                      7

E National Conference on Revamping of 
                Science Education at Pune                         9

E Infuse quality manpower in key R&D
                institutions : Prof. Joshi                              10

E     DAAD Fellowship for 2004-2005           10

E     Focus on E-learning Strategies for 
                 Diverse Needs and Learning Styles - 
                 Prof. G. Dhanarajan, President, 
                Commonwealth of Learning                      11

E  Modern Technologies- the only 
                 alternative for Expansion of Higher 
                 Education : Prof. M.M. Joshi                   12

E     Higher Education Development in the 
                 North Eastern States : New Initiatives      13

E     Scheme of Professor of Eminence            14

E  Nurture Linguistic Diversity and 
                Cultural Traditions-Viren J. Shah, 
                Governor of West Bengal                        15

E     UGC (Establishment and maintenance 
                 of standards in private universities) 
                 Regulations, 2003 (Govt. of India 
                 Gazette Notification dated 
                 27th December, 2003)                           16

E     HRM Launches 24-hour Higher 
                 Education Channels                                18

E     Prof. S.K. Joshi Heads the UGC-DST
                 National  Task Force                             19

E     Initiatives under National Programme 
                 for HRD in IT                                        19

    UGC-DAE Collaboration to cover 
                Broader Areas in Sciences                               20

E Dr. Joshi Praises civil society efforts for   
                education  for all in India                                  21

E    ICAR-INFLIBNET Training Program            21

E    In News                                                         22

E    UGC Hari Om Ashram Trust Awards and 
                 Swami Pranavananda Saraswati Awards        27

E    Golden Jubilee Meet of the Commission         30

E    Interface Meetings with the Principals             30

E    Technology Enabled Teaching & Learning in 
                 Colleges                                                        31

E Golden Jubilee Celebrations                           32

E    Indo-Swiss Agreement on Science & 
                 Technology                                                   36

E    Quality Assurance Mechanism Needed 
                 in Social Work Education : 
                 Prof. Armaity Desai                                       37

E    Kerala Legislature Delegation to UGC            37

E    Franchising of Higher Education through      
                 Off-Campus Study Centres                            38

E    152 Institutions more declared eligible to
                 receive central assistance                                45

E    Cambodian Delegation Visits UGC                 46

E    National Seminar on WTO Impact on 
                 Higher Education                                           46

E    Unesco Honours Indian Vedic Chanting
                 Heritage                                                         46

E    Archives                                                        47

E    Veda Vyas National Sanskrit Awards            48

E     India-Italy Accord for Co-operation in 
                  Science & Technology                                  48

Farewell….                                                  48

      2       UGC News,  January,  2004
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