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Human Rights Value Education (HRVE)

UGC Bureaus

Human Rights Value Education (HRVE)

Brief Information

  • UGC initiated the scheme of Human Rights Education in University Sector in 1985. Since, then the Higher Education Sector has been supported financially for promoting Human Rights and Values and Human Development. Previously (XII plan and back) the UGC had provided the financial assistance to Universities/ Colleges & Institutions for the following courses:
    Foundation Course
    Certificate Course
    Undergraduate Course
    Post-Graduate Diploma Course
    Post-Graduate Degree Course
    Promotion of Ethics and Human Value

Bureau Head

Name of Bureau Head: Dr. Madhukar Maruti Waware

Designation: Joint Secretary

Email: mwaware.ugc@gov.in

Phone Number:011-23604220, 23239659


Dr. Diksha Rajput

Deputy Secretary

Email: diksha.ugc@nic.in
Phone Number: 011-23604141
Room No: 105
Ext: 141/195

Mr. Mangat Ram

Under Secretary

Email: mangat.ugc@nic.in
Phone Number: 011-23604441
Room No: 404
Ext: 441

Mrs. Savita Madan

Section Officer

Email: savitam.ugc@nic.in
Phone Number: 011-23604201
Room No: 201
Ext: 201

Mr. Hitesh Manik

Section Officer

Email: hitesh.ugc@nic.in
Phone Number: 011-23604110
Room No: 110
Ext: 110