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MRP (Major Research Projects)(HRP)

UGC Bureaus

MRP (Major Research Projects)(HRP)

Brief Information

  • The University Grants Commission strives to promote teaching and research in emerging areas in Humanities, Social Sciences, Languages, Literature, Pure Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Pharmacy, Medical, Agricultural Sciences etc.
    The Commission will also provide financial assistance to the college teachers and University Lecturers who wish to undertake, along with teaching work, a Major/Minor Research Project or working for

Bureau Head

Name of Bureau Head: Dr. Shakeel Ahmed

Designation: Joint Secretary

Email: shakeel.ugc@nic.in

Phone Number:011-23604216


Ms. Monika

Deputy Secretary

Email: monika.ugc@nic.in
Phone Number: 011-23604325
Room No: 325
Ext: 325

Mrs. Gita Rani

Under Secretary

Email: geetarani.ugc@nic.in
Phone Number: 011-23604426
Room No: 426
Ext: 426

Mrs. Anita Sharma

Section Officer

Email: anitash.ugc@nic.in,hrp411@gmail.com
Phone Number: 011-2360411
Room No: 411A
Ext: 411