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Coordination Policy and Planning

UGC Bureaus

Coordination Policy and Planning

Brief Information

  • Co-ordination Policy and Planning bureau responsible for framing of policies, programmes on academic matters related to higher education.
    RTI reply/PQ/Court Case/Public Grievance/VIP Ref.

Bureau Head

Name of Bureau Head: Dr. Gopi Chand Merugu

Designation: Deputy Secretary

Email: gopichand.ugc@gov.in

Phone Number:011-23604431


Mr. B. Ravi Narayanan

Under Secretary

Email: ravi.ugc@nic.in
Phone Number: 011-23604322
Room No: 322
Ext: 322

Ms. Vamsika.C

Education Officer

Email: vamsikac.ugc@gov.in
Phone Number: 011-23604181
Room No: 205
Ext: 181

Mrs. Poonam Rani

Section Officer

Email: poonamrani.ugc@nic.in
Phone Number: 011-23604317
Room No: 317
Ext: 317