Brief Information

    Yoga is our cultural heritage and it promotes physical and mental health. There is also a growing movement in main stream research on true biological effects of yoga on human health and behaviour. It is imperative that the Indian Universities also engage themselves in strengthening scientific evidence of the positive effects of Yoga and Meditation on human health. In order to pursue education and practice in Yoga, it is proposed to establish Centers/Departments of Yoga in the Public Funded Universities.

Bureau Head

Name of Bureau Head: Dr.(Mrs.) Archana Thakur

Designation: Joint Secretary


Phone Number:011-23239597


Dr. Shalini

Deputy Secretary

Phone Number: 011-23604326
Room No: 326
Ext: 326

Mr. Vinod Sharma

Under Secretary

Phone Number: 011-23604402
Room No: 402
Ext: 402

Mr. Parmod Kumar

Section Officer

Phone Number: 011-23381662
Room No: 105
Ext: 662