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Learning Outcome based Curriculum Framework (LOCF)

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Learning Outcome based Curriculum Framework (LOCF)

Brief Information

    UGC has prepared a document on Learning Outcome-based Curriculum Framework after having consultation with various experts involved in the field, which is available on UGC website. The basic premise of Learning Outcomes based Approach is to align the attributes to be attained by a graduate, with Programme Learning Outcomes and Academic Standards. It is a student centric learning approach. LOCF aims to equip students with knowledge, skill, value and attitude. Based on this approach attributes like Disciplinary knowledge, Communication Skills, Critical thinking, Problem solving, Analytical reasoning, Research-related skills, Cooperation/Team work, Scientific reasoning, Reflective thinking, Information/digital literacy, Self-directed learning, Multicultural competence, Moral and ethical awareness/reasoning, Leadership readiness/qualities, Lifelong learning shall be instilled in all graduates irrespective of discipline. New curriculum in 31 subjects which is based on LOCF has been developed and uploaded on UGC website to facilitate universities to revise the curriculum. All HEIs would be requested to implement the new model curriculum.

Bureau Head

Name of Bureau Head: Dr. N. Gopukumar

Designation: Joint Secretary

Email: gopukumar.ugc@gov.in

Phone Number:011-23236977


Mr. Jitendra

Deputy Secretary

Email: jitendra.ugc@nic.in
Phone Number: 011-23604323
Room No: 323
Ext: 323