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University with Excellence (UE)

UGC Bureaus

University with Excellence (UE)

Brief Information

  • UGC developed a Scheme “Universities with Potential for Excellence” (UPE) and provided financial support to identified potential universities to set higher achievement goals and strived for achieving them. Later on, UGC identified some universities from among the Universities with Potential for Excellence which already achieved excellence and innovation in teaching and research to a considerable extent and completed first/second phase under the Scheme and designated them as the University of Excellence (UoE). The UoEs, in addition to striving to attain the broad objectives, focused on interdisciplinary innovative teaching and research and innovative programmes to become real “centres of knowledge creations”.
    UGC provided financial support and the quantum of assistance was upto Rs. 150 crores to those universities which conferred “University of Excellence” status.
    Accounts are being settled.

Bureau Head

Name of Bureau Head: Dr. Shakeel Ahmed

Designation: Joint Secretary

Email: shakeel.ugc@nic.in

Phone Number:011-23604216


Ms. Monika

Deputy Secretary

Email: monika.ugc@nic.in
Phone Number: 011-23604325
Room No: 325
Ext: 325

Mrs. Gurjeet

Under Secretary

Email: gurjeet.ugc@nic.in
Phone Number: 011-23604443
Room No: 426
Ext: 443

Mr. Harinder Singh

Section Officer

Email: harinder.ugc@nic.in
Phone Number: 011-23604408
Room No: 408
Ext: 408