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Training/Orientation of Faculty on Indian Knowledge System

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Guidelines for Training/Orientation of Faculty on Indian Knowledge System (IKS)

National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 aims for a complete metamorphosis of the higher education landscape of the country in all its structural, content-related, and pedagogical dimensions. The rich heritage of ancient and eternal Indian knowledge and thought has been a guiding light for NEP-2020. The NEP 2020 has stressed upon the promotion of Indian Languages, Arts and Culture, and has recommended for the integration of IKS into curriculums at all levels of education. Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS) (Bhāratīya-Jñāna-Parampara) encompasses the treasure of knowledge in various disciplines that emerged systematically from the ancient times in India over generations.
The purpose of these guidelines for teacher training during the induction program and refresher courses is to provide a roadmap to familiarize and enthuse faculty about the Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS) and identify strategies to incorporate IKS into their specific classroom teachings. Teachers and Learners will acquire the concept of the Indian Knowledge System and apply it in real life for the advancement and creation of knowledge

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