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Guidelines for Promotion at HEI

Key Initiatives of UGC


Guidelines for Promotion of Physical Fitness, Sports, Students' Health, Welfare, Psychological and Emotional Well-Being at Higher Educational Institutions of India.

Higher education is a key pathway for social transformation and mobility along with the upliftment of individuals, households, and communities. Considering its importance, NEP-2020 addresses this issue. It provides that to ensure the students' physical, psychological, and emotional well-being, support centers and career counselors are to be made available for all students in higher educational institutions (HEIs). To ensure equitable access to quality mental health services to all the students enrolled in HEIs with special emphasis on (1) promoting physical fitness and sports activities for students (2) creating safeguards against academic pressure, peer pressure, behavioral issues, stress, career concerns, depression and other issues on the mental health of students; (3) to teach positive thinking & emotions in the student community and (4) to promote a positive and supportive network for students. All HEIs in India may make or amend their Ordinances, regulatory provisions, and other rules accordingly to ensure that the directions given in these guidelines are implemented in the best interest of students. ,

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