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UGC Bureaus

Brief Information

  • Establishment of an IUC.
    Appointment of Directors of all IUCs.
    Nomination of Chairperson, Governing Board of all IUCs.
    Nomination of members of Governing Board/Council/Finance Committee/Executive Committee of IUCs.
    Allocation/Release of grants to all IUCs under 36/31/35 Head. .
    VIP References.
    Public Grievances.
    Settlement of Accounts.
    Preparation of BCR.
    Legal matters of IUCs/EMMRCs/ NFCs.
    Audit Paras.
    Preparation of Annual Report.
    Complaints/misc. FRs related to IUCs

  • List of Inter University Center (IUC)

Bureau Head

Name of Bureau Head:



Phone Number:


Email: nikhil.ugc@nic.in
Phone Number:

Email: dsobti.ugc@nic.in
Phone Number: