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Brief Information

  • The admin bureau provides valuable services, enabling work processes to operate seamlessly and decision-makers to focus on value-added tasks and responsibilities. Administrative roles include day-to-day tasks that keep an organization running smoothly and efficiently.
    In a nutshell, the administrative department manages all office things and is responsible for managing: recruitment, Promotions, cadre controlling, Transfers and postings, convening Commission Meeting, promotions, APAR’s, Service books, leave record, issuing of NOC’s, LTC, retirement and pension , engagement of contractual staff, medical facilities, managing CGHS, Children Education Allowance, Disciplinary proceedings, issuance of instructions on punctuality on attendance in respect of staff, policy planning, implementation of Govt. of India order at UGC office, Tender/e-Tender, maintenance of infrastructure, construction of UGC building, etc.,. , the role of the admin department is huge.
    Admin Bureau consists of following heads,: General Admin, Administration A/B/C, Meeting Cell, Travel desk, PR-Unit, R&I.
    All in all, the administration bureau is responsible for the day-to-day effective and efficient operations of an organization.

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Email: anurag.ugc@nic.in
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Email: rkumar.ugc@nic.in
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