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    Introduction of Guidelines for Training of Faculty on Indian Knowledge System by UGC. The purpose of these guidelines for teacher training during the induction program and refresher courses is to provide a roadmap to familiarize and enthuse faculty about the IKS and identify strategies to incorporate it into their specific classroom teachings. The needs for faculty coming into the induction program are slightly different from the ones coming for the refresher courses. Faculty coming into the induction program are experts in their topics but may be new to IKS. Therefore, the guidelines are specified separately for the training program and the refresher courses. The major purpose of all such training programs shall be to generate a positive attitude towards IKS and promote interest in knowing and exploring more, rather than covering a lot of content related to IKS. The IKS guidelines will be a part of the training modules under “Malviya Mission” and will be considered under CAS scheme as per the UGC regulations.

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